1. Uses for Solar Power

    The idea of harnessing the sun's energy for humans is nothing new. In fact, people have been using solar power in its most rudimentary form since the 7th century BC when it was first documented that people used a magnifying glass to start fires for cooking and for heat. This procedure was amplified by the Greeks and the Romans in the 3rd century AD when they used mirrors to bounce sunlight to star…Read More

  2. A Deeper Look Into Solar Water Heating

    There a ton of hype surrounding solar water heating, with thermal heating systems and solar products becoming more and more popular around the United States. We know that solar heating is generated by the sunshine, but how exactly does it work? What Exactly Is Solar Water Heating? Solar water heating is the way of the future. It is green, simple, sustainable, and most importantly, it is affordable…Read More

  3. FPL Continues to offer $1,000 rebate for Solar Hot Water

    In a pilot program to promote solar hot water and solar electric FPL recently added more funding to the hot water program for residential and commercial hot water.  The solar electric funds were sparse and were depleted in less than 2 minutes. The solar hot water program has enough funding for approximately 400 systems state-wide (FPL territory). The FAFCO Revolution Solar Hot Water system can be…Read More