1. What Makes Us Stand Above?

    In any business, you have to find something that sets you apart from your competitors, something that makes you the obvious prefered choice. As the solar panel market for homes in Sarasota increases, so does the competition in the market. What Sets Us Apart? Our experience is a huge factor that gives us a leg up when it comes to installing solar panels in Sarasota homes. We have been an innovator …Read More

  2. Tax Incentives For Going Solar

    Going green is so trendy that even the government is on board. Installing solar panels is a sustainable way to get renewable energy transferred into your Sarasota home in order to heat your water sources and obtain energy. How Do I Save? Right now, the government is running a tax special when it comes to solar installations. Every Energy-Star approved solar-powered system that is installed during …Read More

  3. Solar Panel Roof Shingles

    With home solar power systems becoming more popular every year, some builders are looking for creative ways to incorporate this amazing alternative energy solution into their homes. Even though modern solar panels have improved over the years to be much more productive and durable, they are still a very obvious addition to a home that impacts the aesthetics of the design. Because of this many buil…Read More

  4. Things to consider in choosing a Home Solar Power Panel

    A home solar power panel works by taking in sunlight and transforming it into consumable electricity. A solar panel or often referred as photovoltaic modules are actually composed of a group of solar cells fixed in a frame. Every solar cell has an ability to transform sunlight into beneficial electrical power. One solar cell can generate 1 to 2 watts of electrical energy. That is exactly why many …Read More

  5. The Developments and Advantages of Using Residential Solar Panels

    Solar panels are getting to be an increasingly popular way for environment concerned people to lower your expenses and to log off the grid. The first expense of buying along with setting up a new solar system, can be off-arranged by the less expensive of electricity with time. Solar panels utilize the sun's light to create electricity. They produce electricity during sunlit daylight hours as well …Read More

  6. Effects of Clouds on a Solar Panel

    Environmentally, solar panels can give us cleaner power, sustainable power that will not require further damage to the environment. Solar power can reach remote areas. It can carry education, or urgently needed medical information. The effects of clouds on a solar panel, though, might diminish those and other promising benefits. The effects of clouds on a solar panel might make it far less efficie…Read More

  7. Learn what you will gain from having a solar panel

    Solar panels, also called photovoltaic, are used to change light from the sunlight, which is composed of particles of energy named "photons", into electricity which you can use to power elecrical loads. Light from your sun is an alternative energy resource which provides clear energy, produced by solar panels. Solar panels are used thoroughly in rural places that are not maintained by the electric…Read More

  8. Use Solar Panels to Save Money and the Environment

    The notion of unlimited and free energy has naturally attracted the interest of the environmentally conscious and frugal to use solar panels to save money and the environment. You can begin and enter this world by building panels yourself. You will need to use a guide book and a kit that provides easy to follow instructions and includes videos as an aid. You will have to do your research to find w…Read More

  9. Tips For Choosing Solar Panels

    When choosing panels for your solar power system, there are a number of factors worth considering. Cost The cost of a solar panel is determined in part by the size (in Watts), the physical size, the brand, the durability / longevity (or warranty period) and any certifications the solar panel might have. Choosing a solar panel on price alone is not wise, as it may not fit the area you wish to insta…Read More

  10. One good reason to consider Solar for your Home

    Solar Power Saves Money Your electricity bill will likely continue to rise, and if you cannot significantly reduce the amount of electricity that you use, solar power can offset the amount that you consume from the utility company. Depending on factors such as energy usage, sun exposure, and available roof space, you could save up to 100% of your electricity costs. Plus, with the available financi…Read More