As you know by now Mirasol Fafco is in the solar business. We are South Florida’s premier energy company. Our solar solutions are proven to provide an eco-friendly option for reducing the environmental impact of the power infrastructure that is not run off of sustainable energy. The sun is a valuable source of energy and harnessing it in the proper way is critical to utilizing this ideal power source. Mirasol Fafco is an early pioneer of the solar industry and has seen the Sunshine State grow at an astounding rate, with that growth comes more demand on the energy infrastructure. In response to the population explosion the solar industry has surged forward in Florida. The sun is creating jobs, providing energy and saving the good people of Florida money.

Solar Storage

Electricity is an amazing thing and as much as we know about is it is still elusive. We have figured out how to store small quantities of electricity in the form of batteries and capacitors but extended, on-demand power has always been a problem. Whether it is solar energy or electric cars, the energy needed far outweighs the availability. Solar power is not without its limitations however, and one of the main issues is not the ability of the solar panels to generate electricity, it is storing the electricity to be used on demand. Think of your cell phone and how when you really need it, the battery is dead, that is what can happen when the sun goes down and you have a solar powered home. Many solar homes, unless they are incredibly remote, are still hooked up to main power grid in the area. This allows for seamless power, without interruption day or night. Many power companies will actually credit the solar user for contributing energy back to the power grid.

The Battery Revolution

While this grid/battery setup works pretty well, the ultimate goal is to be self sustainable. This means that battery technology needs to get much better before the cord can be cut permanently with the power company. Batteries have been going through a quiet revolution and are poised to make solar energy the most popular form of power generation in the country. The lithium ion battery is currently what is used for solar storage and have become the darling of the electric car industry. These batteries have their disadvantages and can be temperamental, but overall they are an incredible improvement over previous battery configurations.

Sonnen-Batterie- Eco

The Mirasol Fafco solution allows for energy availability, even at night! Sonnen Batterie- Eco is a revolutionary storage and management system, designed specifically for solar power. Through intelligent power management and strategic charging, these batteries will make your home much less dependent on the grid power structure. If you are ready to explore the possibility of a self contained solar system, Mirasol Fafco solar is your local installation leader. Even if you are not ready to embrace the solar home revolution, we offer solar pool heating in a simple intuitive system designed to save you money Contact us today for more information and begin your solar journey today!