How Solar Water Heaters Work

There is a considerable amount of CO2 reduction when you install a solar water heater — 50 percent to be exact. This means that by choosing Mirasol Fafco Solar to install your solar water heater, you are cutting your hot water carbon footprint in half. At the same time, you are also conserving nonrenewable fuels for applications that have no available renewable energy sources. 

Solar water heaters can work in conjunction with traditional heaters, but they can also work in conjunction with solar thermal panels, which use sunlight to produce hot water. While the system of solar water heating is complex, here are the most important parts of a solar thermal hot water system:

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  • The Collector – The collector is the black panel that sits on your roof. It can vary in size, but will sit in a direct, unblocked view of the sun. There are three types of collectors, known as flat-plate collectors, batch collectors, and evacuated tubes. 
  • Hot Water Tank – The hot water tank stores the heat from your collector, acting as a kind of battery that you can heat up (usually at night) so it’s ready for use during the day. If you don’t have a hot water tank, then you’ll need to get one installed. 
  • Heat Exchanger – Solar panels transfer the heat from the collector to the tank through a circuit called the heat exchanger. The heat that is collected by the panels heats up the water that flows through a circuit of pipes inside your hot water tank. The heat passes into the hot water tank, and cooled water returns to the collector to pick up more heat. The water in the collector will not exit through your faucet. 
  • The Pump – A pump makes water circulate, as the water cannot circulate by itself. You can have an electric pump in place, which offsets the benefits of having a solar water heater, or you can install a solar-electric pump instead
  • The Control System – This control system allows you to switch off the water circuit in cold weather so you don’t transfer freezing water into your hot water tank. A control system can include a pump, flowmeter, pressure gauge, thermometer, and a thermostat.

Mirasol Has the Experience 

With 43 years of experience in the solar panel industry, Mirasol Fafco Solar has the experience, dedication, and knowledge to install your solar water heating system to run for years to come. Mirasol Fafco is an exclusive distributor of Fafco hot water heating systems, which is ranked number one in the industry. We want to carry on the tradition of energy-efficient products for your home by innovating solar energy products and swimming pool heaters.

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