With over 14,000 satisfied customers since 1977, Mirasol FAFCO Solar has
over 42 years of experience in commercial and residential
Solar Electric PV Systems installations.

Mirasol Fafco Solar is a SunPower® Authorized dealer committed to
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About Solar Electric Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems generate electricity by absorbing energy produced by a reaction between sunlight and the semiconductors in the solar cells. In basic terms, the light frees electrons from the material, and those electrons help to generate the energy that powers our homes. An eco-friendly and renewable energy option, solar electric systems have some significant advantages over other types of energy sources. No other solar panel production company does it better than SunPower.

SunPower Solar Energy Systems

Conventional panels can’t stack up against SunPower technology. SunPower cells are free of the inefficient metal grid lines marring other types cells and feature a copper backing foundation that makes it nearly impervious to erosion. The unique design of the solar cells eliminates the issues that are faced by conventional cells, drastically decreasing the rate of corrosion and the subsequent drop in overall efficiency. High efficiency and unmatched reliability make SunPower solar energy systems an easy choice when it comes to energy savings. For more information about SunPower systems, visit their website here.

SunPower…the Complete Solar System