FAFCO is dedicated to providing you with top-of-the-line solar energy products, providing you with the tools you need to harness the sun’s energy and live a cleaner, more efficient lifestyle while helping the environment. Further, they have pioneered the solar pool heating industry, installing over 2 million solar panels worldwide. FAFCO utilizes a patented water flow metering system that distributes water evenly throughout the entire system for maximum heating efficiency. The design creates a full surface contact, which directly places more water in touch with the sun’s energy and eliminates hot and cold spots. The larger 2-inch, full-flow header pipe eliminates undue strain on your pool pump and helps to eliminate higher electric bills.

FACO has 21 patents, both international and domestic, blending its own solar panel materials longer than any other company in the business. Their patented blend of polymers and additives provide protection against fading, cracks, and leaks. Experience FACO’s state-of-the-art roof mounting system and their 12-Year Worry Free Warranty by calling Mirasol FAFCO Solar now.