diagramThe concept of using solar panels to heat your pool is simple and can be attainable with a very easy installation. Investing in a solar energy pool heating system allows you to heat your own pool without noise, air pollution, and no moving parts; all of this while using a clean, renewable resource. A solar pool heating system works with existing pool equipment and will never run out of fuel, it can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by natural gas powered water heaters, and drastically reduce the amount of electricity used to traditionally heat your pool.

Harness The Power of The Sun

The process of how solar energy can be harnessed for pool heating is simple. Cold water is pumped using the existing pool heater pump (or a new one is installed) from your pool through the solar panel where it is warmed by heat collected from the sun. The warm water is then pumped back into your pool giving you luxuriously warm water and plenty of extended swim time.

How It Works:

  1. The control valve sets the desired water temperature
  2. The sensor reads the temperatures and then knows when to activate the system
  3. The pool pump pushes cold water from the pool to the solar collectors
  4. The sun’s rays, or natural energy, heat the solar panels or collectors
  5. When the system is operating, water channels through the solar collector to absorb maximum heat from the sun
  6. Warm water is returned to the pool for perfect swimming conditions

If you have questions or concerns regarding pool and spa automation systems, or solar panels to heat your pool in a sustainable and affordable way, contact us today!