Pool Controls and Automation for Salt Water Pools

Ever wished that taking care of your pool or spa required less maintenance? Mirasol FAFCO Solar believes that making pool and spa automation as simple as possible is the best solution for your pool care. By using products like salt chlorine generators, and Intellitouch® you are not only giving yourself the gift of ease, but saving money and time on your home spa and/or pool.

Control Pool Maintenance with one Click!

Imagine using your iPad, Android, iPhone, or any smart system to control and maintain your pool and home spa, chlorine levels, water temperature, and more! Access your pool’s functions virtually from anywhere, and stay on top of potential problems before they happen. Easy to track technology has given us the ability to bring you the best products that we have to offer to make your pool’s maintenance a breeze, easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to control.  Now your pool’s maintenance has never been this simple.

Less Worry

Hassle Free Solar Pool Heating From Mirasol FafcoWhen your pool has the right pumps and chlorination, that mean less upkeep and less time spent worrying about its cleanliness. Take advantage of all Mirasol FAFCO Solar has to offer; save money and most importantly save time. From speed pumps to salt chlorinators, Mirasol FAFCO Solar will supply you with the means to the great pool you deserve.

Take advantage of all Mirasol FAFCO Solar has to offer!

Ever get tired of maintaining your pool? Not sure when to add chlorine or salt? Looking to get that perfect pH balance? No problem, now you don’t have to with pool and spa automation controls from Mirasol FAFCO Solar! Make water sanitation and the control of pool functions and accessories, foolproof, effortless, and automatic.With several models to choose from, pool automation is for those who are looking to create and control the ultimate pool experience at an affordable price. One of the more popular automation models is the Screenlogic®. Screenlogic is a scalable, flexible line of total pool management controls that suit any backyard environment. It takes the work out of owning a pool and spa by automating all essential pool and spa functions, water chemistry, salt chlorination, custom light shows, and other backyard features like water features, lights, and sprinklers. Screenlogic even offers an interface to home automation systems. Homeowners can use their existing control panels to view and manage anything under the control of their Screenlogic system. Also be sure to check out other Pentair systems like the Easytouch® and the Solartouch®.

“Get Ready to Enjoy Your Pool”

by Pentair ScreenLogic®

Interface for Amazon Echo

“IntelliBrite® 5g LED Color-Changing

and White LED Pool Lights by Pentair”

With our Pentair products, you can be rest assured that controlling your pool has never been as intuitive and convenient as it is with Mirasol FAFCO Solar. The energy efficient speed pumps run at lower speeds, saving you money and maintaining the life of the pump. Our speed pump is the quietest on the market, so you can clean your pool without anyone even knowing it’s running. Built-in timers and easy to read panels allow for controlling your pool needs in the simplest way possible. Learn more about the Pentair Intelliflo ® Speed Pump.

“Ultra-Efficient, and Money Saving”

IntelliFlo® 2 VST Variable Speed Pump by Pentair

“Clean, Pure, Soft, and Silky Pool Water”

IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator by Pentair

Salt chlorine generators, like the Intellichlor® are a must have for your pool. No longer worry about how much chlorine to add, or stress about how to balance the pH. With a salt chlorine generator, all you need is table salt. That is right, to ensure your pool is getting the right amount of chlorine, all you need is common household table salt, and that is it! Your generator can automatically produce all the chlorine your pool needs, and it is safe and efficient. Maintaining your pool’s chlorine levels has never been so simple. Never store extra products and never fall victim to the painstakingly annoying task of adding chlorine to your pool again.

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