FAFCO is the oldest and largest U.S. solar thermal manufacturer, changing the game in the solar industry. FAFCO Solar has products to power your entire home, like CoolPV, which improves the electrical output with energy to heat your pool while powering your home. There are tons of benefits of CoolPV for both residential and commercial include:

  • Increased Electrical Output
  • Solar Energy Savings
  • Extended Pool Season
  • Efficient Use of Roof Space
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Increased Property Value

Get the most out of your swimming pool with FAFCO solar pool heating. Compared to other solar systems that run on electricity, FAFCO systems provide the shortest payback period and highest return on investment, the lowest operational costs due to free solar energy, the longest lifespan, and more.

FAFCO products are made to be practical, efficient, and above all, economical. Since its humble beginnings in 1969 to now being widely recognized in the solar industry, FAFCO has maintained a high level of integrity and performance that separates it from its competitors. There is no better solar pool heating provider than FAFCO, and Mirasol Fafco Solar considers it an honor to be an exclusive provider.

Expect excellence and let us exceed your expectations. For the best solar energy service in Sarasota, call Mirasol Fafco Solar. Our team installs solar panels, repairs then, and assists you with any of your solar panel needs. Contact us today for more information.