The worst thing is when you jump into a pool expecting to be submerged by refreshing water, only to find it is freezing cold. There is a big difference between a refreshing swim and one that is on the verge of hypothermia. Heating your pool can be very expensive, so many people have to be very selective about when they decide to heat their pool. With Mirasol FAFCO Solar electric heat pumps, you never have to worry about breaking the bank to heat your pool.

Keep Your Pool Warm

Electrical heat pumps are a great way to heat your pool and keep it at a comfortable temperature all the time. Heat pumps have a low cost of operation because of the very minuscule amount of electricity they take to function. Unlike other heaters, heat pumps do not need to generate heat through a heating element. Instead, heat pumps collect heat from the outside air and move it to your pool. To put it simply, heat pumps are transferring existing heat from the air to your water, through a compressor.

Efficient Operation

Heat pumps operate by a fan that pulls outside air in and over an evaporator coil. The heat is absorbed in the coil and transferred to a compressor where it continues to gain heat. At this point, the compressor transfers the heat to water passing through. As your pump circulates through your pool the water passing through becomes heated.

Easy To Use

Other than its low cost and energy efficient properties, heat pumps are self-cleaning and very simple to use. Pumps do not pollute your pool’s water with smelly fumes and are designed from materials that are not harmed by any of your pools existing chemicals. Heat pumps are convenient and make having a pool that much more enjoyable. Take a look at our Pentair heaters and heat pumps today. Your pool’s care has never been so easy.

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