Finally, there is a practical way to use your solar panels for both electricity and to thermally heat your pool’s water. With Cool PV you can rest easy knowing your pool’s temperature will always be comfortable, at a cost that will keep your wallet full.

In the past, it was necessary to choose between mounting solar panels on your roof for electricity generation or pool heating, not both. Due to the size of solar systems and the average roof space, it is generally not practical to mount water heating and electrical generation solar panel systems on your roof. That is the beauty of Cool PV™— never again will you need to choose between heating water or generating electricity.  


Not simply a water heater, the Cool PV system, actually uses the water in your pool to increase the electrical generation ability of the solar panels. It works like this: the sun heats up the solar panel, generating electricity and heating up the water. As the temperature of the solar panel rises, the potential for generating electricity is diminished. This is where the Cool PV technology sets itself apart from the rest. Utilizing the water in your pool as a “load” or a heat exchanger, the water is drawn into the solar panels, effectively cooling down the panel and simultaneously heating the water for circulation back into your pool. The elegant beauty of the system is the fact that in the process of heating the pool (or water heater) water, the panels are cooled down to the ideal temperature for generating electricity.     


What could be more simple?


Fafco Cool PV technology is designed to be durable and lower your carbon footprint, while keeping your pool at the ideal temperature! If you could save money while reducing your environmental impact, and guarantee yourself warm water, why would you choose anything else?

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