1. Advantages of Home Solar Batteries

    Maybe you already have solar panels installed on your roof and are enjoying the benefits of off-the-grid electricity. Maybe you’re enjoying your longer pool season with your solar pool heater. If you haven’t already thought about installing solar home batteries, however, you still have so many advantages to unlock.    Solar panels can decrease your energy bills, which is fantastic, but witho…Read More

  2. Key Takeaways From SunPower’s First Quarter

    SunPower published a stronger than expected set of Q1 2018 results on Tuesday, driven by strength in its commercial and residential solar operations, although this was partially offset by some headwinds in the power plant space. Below, we provide some of the key takeaways from the company’s results and what lies ahead for SunPower. Distributed Business Drives Results SunPower continued to perfor…Read More

  3. Sustainability

    In this day and age, humans have begun to realize that the resources we depend on everyday are in danger of running out. We have all heard the argument that the oil reserves are in dire straits and are projected to run out in the present century. In fact there are estimates that, at the current consumption rate all of the oil on earth will be depleted in 53 years. It is crazy to think about, parti…Read More

  4. Solar and Battery Storage

    As you know by now Mirasol Fafco is in the solar business. We are South Florida’s premier energy company. Our solar solutions are proven to provide an eco-friendly option for reducing the environmental impact of the power infrastructure that is not run off of sustainable energy. The sun is a valuable source of energy and harnessing it in the proper way is critical to utilizing this ideal power s…Read More