1. Getting Off The Grid

    As far a renewable energy is concerned, there are a very limited number of options available. The electric revolution is just beginning to show promise in the automotive industry and that is due to drastic advancements in battery storage capability, which we discussed in our previous blog. As far as your home is concerned, the options are somewhat limited to solar, unless of course you live in an …Read More

  2. Why Heat Your Pool At All?

    The benefit of having a pool to swim in year-round is hard to argue with. During times of cold, chilly weather, the pool is open for business and optimally heated. As stated previously, Florida experiences enough temperature changes to make you consider purchasing a pool heater. If you couple this with the economic benefits of solar heating, you have a no-brainer. However, is having a pool at opti…Read More

  3. Heat Your Pool For Less

    You live in Florida where the weather is hot and humid. Naturally as a form of survival, your home has pool. There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than taking a dip in the pool on a hot summer afternoon. In those warmer months, the sun will naturally heat the water in the pool to a comfortable temperature. But what about those winter months when you want to do water aerobics in a pool that…Read More

  4. Heat Your Pool With Solar Pool Heating

    Heating your outdoor swimming pool with a solar pool heating system is a simple way to lower your energy bills and keep your pool warm enough to swim all at the same time. Solar pool heating systems are easy to install and will last for years providing you with free solar hot water. Just like the home solar heating systems, they can turn the immense energy from the sun into something useful. A sol…Read More