Many of us have a complicated relationship with hot water. When the first caveman discovered fire he probably built a hot tub within the first week. We love having hot water on demand in our homes, in fact it is often considered a basic human right. While on-demand hot water may not necessarily be a legitimate human right like cable TV or WiFi, hot water is pretty important to making our lives comfortable. At Mirasol FAFCO Solar we have been helping our clients access hot water for over 40 years and we are proud to be Sarasota’s most trusted solar panel provider and installation company. We love hot water as much as you do and are committed to showing our clients a better way to heat water for their home.

Traditional Water Heating

Traditionally, hot water is accessed through various processes and all of it occurs within the home. Municipalities do not pump in hot water, it would be nice but that is not going to happen. Heating water for home use needs to be performed onsite. Water in the traditional home is heated one of two ways, electric or gas. A holding tank, called a water heater, generally has either a burner or an element to heat the water. In the old days, it was not uncommon for a water heater to blow up. Safety devices are now installed on almost every water heater to prevent the buildup of pressure.

Non-Traditional Water Heating            

While many homes still have water heaters there is a growing market for on-demand hot water. These systems take piped in water and heat it up on demand. They are extremely efficient and reduce the water being wasted. That being said, these on-demand systems are extremely expensive and it is unlikely that they will ever pay for themselves with the increase in energy being used. While on-demand produces hot water right away, it uses much more energy to do so. Besides solar energy, one of the coolest ways to heat water is being used in Scandinavia, geothermal heating. Geothermal heating actually takes the energy emitted from geothermal features in the ground and utilizes it to produce hot water. How awesome it that?

Solar Water Heating

Hands down, the best way to provide hot water for your home is with solar water heating. These systems are incredibly intuitive and can save the homeowner thousands in energy costs over the lifetime of the system. The government provides tax credits for installing a solar water heating system and can bring you closer to being independent of high energy costs. A solar hot water heating system is mounted to your roof or in your yard. It then heats the water as nature intended and is ready for storage. How simple is that? If you are ready to install a solar hot water system, contact us today and we can perform a free solar evaluation of your home. Solar water heating is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solar energy for your home. Please take a moment to check out our project gallery to see that solar is right for your home.