In a pilot program to promote solar hot water and solar electric FPL recently added more funding to the hot water program for residential and commercial hot water.  The solar electric funds were sparse and were depleted in less than 2 minutes.

The solar hot water program has enough funding for approximately 400 systems state-wide (FPL territory).

The FAFCO Revolution Solar Hot Water system can be retrofitted to any size standard water heater and qualifies for a $1,000 rebate.   This rebate is in addition to the Federal 30% Tax Credit.

Rebates and Tax credits make the FAFCO Revolution system available for as little as $30/month with a monthly savings of $30-$80/month with no money out of your pocket.  Commercial Solar hot water is even more attractive with approx $4,000 rebate, 30% tax credit and accelerated depreciation which brings the total investment close to zero!