floridapoolThe benefit of having a pool to swim in year-round is hard to argue with. During times of cold, chilly weather, the pool is open for business and optimally heated. As stated previously, Florida experiences enough temperature changes to make you consider purchasing a pool heater. If you couple this with the economic benefits of solar heating, you have a no-brainer. However, is having a pool at optimal temperature really worth it? Yes!

Outside of leisurely activities, swimming in a private pool brings a plethora of health benefits. Swimming, in general, provides a low impact workout that defies the damage wrought on you by gravity. This low-strain environment leads to a more efficient, cardio-building exercise. With a tandem of physical bonuses, swimming is no doubt a high-tiered option for staying healthy. Starting a workout routine can often be hard enough, but factoring in delays from outside conditions can make pursuing that routine nearly impossible.

In addition to your overall health boost, bringing heat into the swimming process can be paramount for injuries and rehabilitation. Physical therapy for an assortment of injuries can be a stressful process. However, solar heating in your pool can decrease the chances of reinjury and lead to a boost in recovery. Keeping the pool at a steady, warm temperature allows for increased flexibility and less muscle tension. This does not, however, mean that exercising in a high-temperature pool will do anything but harm. A jacuzzi would not be the best place to attempt aerobic feats. If you are looking for a perfect remedy to your injuries, look no further! Mirasol FAFCO has what you are looking for.
Moral of the story? Too hot or too cold can damage your body but a consistent, heated pool can make all of the difference. Don’t risk re-injuring yourself in a chilly, inconsistent pool. Investing in a heated body of water can make all the difference when it comes to aquatic activities. Mirasol is your authority on solar water heating in Florida. Contact us today for a free evaluation!