As far a renewable energy is concerned, there are a very limited number of options available. The electric revolution is just beginning to show promise in the automotive industry and that is due to drastic advancements in battery storage capability, which we discussed in our previous blog. As far as your home is concerned, the options are somewhat limited to solar, unless of course you live in an area that can benefit from a small wind turbine. Therein lies the problem of battery storage again because just like solar, a wind generator is dependent on a load to work effectively. Think of wind energy like the Mirasol Fafco Cool PV pool heater. Regardless of whether you are using the pool, the water is going to be heated no matter what. That is why solar pool heating is so effective, because if there is sun shining, the system will work. The water flows into the solar panel and returns to the pool as comfortably heated water, much like the water returning to the pool, power generated by the wind is continuous. Power is being generated and a small amount is being stored or returned to the existing power grid. Now this is all well and good if you want to remain tied to the municipal power grid but what if you are considering a move to “cut the cord”, as it were. Getting off the grid has its own set of challenges and responsibilities but in this day and age, it is much more possible than you may think.

The Traditional Approach

Having an off the grid home without solar, especially in Florida, is almost crazy. The sun is the most efficient source of off-grid power in this part of the country and at the same time incredibly effective. Finding a suitable home for off-grid living does not necessarily need to occur out in the countryside, there are many examples of effective self powered homes out there, even right here is Sarasota! Of course, buying a piece of land and starting from scratch is the best way to get exactly what you want, it is possible to disconnect but every municipality is different. Traditionally, a generator and a natural gas tank is utilized for and off-grid home. These items can power everything that is necessary for a comfortable home. The problem with a generator and natural gas is the fuel delivery. Diesel generators typically use a large amount of fuel and natural gas must be delivered.

The Mirasol Fafco Solar Approach

At Mirasol Fafco Solar, we are offering a complete system of solar electric, solar water heating, and solar pool heating. The battery systems that we offer are getting closer to being self sufficient but are effective enough for use off-grid. Solar water heating is a big energy saver when trying to live self sufficiently. The process is completely intuitive as well. If you have been thinking about living off the grid, please contact the solar energy experts at Mirasol Fafco Solar today. Next time we will discuss getting off the grid even more and explore more options with solar electric power.