In any business, you have to find something that sets you apart from your competitors, something that makes you the obvious prefered choice. As the solar panel market for homes in Sarasota increases, so does the competition in the market.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our experience is a huge factor that gives us a leg up when it comes to installing solar panels in Sarasota homes. We have been an innovator in solar energy products and pool heaters since the late 70s. Before, we were Mirasol FAFCO Solar, we were Southern Installation Co., which also provided energy saving solutions for the Sarasota area. Once we were approaches by FAFCO to become their exclusive distributer, we decided to focus in on solar panels and solar energy and providing the best quality products and customer services to our Sarasota customers. We are dedicated to what we do and strive to be the best. We also are the only distributor in the area that is authorized to carry and sell FAFCO, the leading manufacturer of solar pool heating panels, products.

We Believe In Green

We are not in this business for the money, we are in the solar energy business to make a difference. We are working to preserve the environment and the planet.Together, we can make a difference. With you pushing forward with the green movement and Mirasol FAFCO Solar behind you to provide quality equipment and solar panel installation for your Sarasota home, anything is possible. Contact us today for a consultation!