It seems that everywhere you turn these days, the solar revolution is touching different aspects of our lives. At Mirasol Fafco, we are noticing this new trend simply because we have been Sarasota’s number one solar dealer for over 40 years. We have watched the technology grow and adapt to different uses. We introduced solar pool heating, and provided the suncoast a viable way to heat their swimming pool with very little electricity being wasted on the heater. This is a small example of what can be done with solar power these days. Everything from clothing to vehicles can be solar powered with current technology.

Solar Clothing

As weird as it may seem, solar clothing is becoming a thing. Many famous designers are experimenting with small solar panels that can generate enough electricity to power a cell phone. The clothing is laced with small solar panels and worn just like any regular article of clothing. At this point, solar clothing has yet to catch on but there are solar equipped backpacks that provide a good amount of power from the sun.

Solar Battery Chargers

Increasingly more and more products are available that utilize solar power. One of the most exciting is a solar powered trickle charger for vehicles like motorcycles and boats. Boats and motorcycles are notoriously tough on batteries and always seem to let you down when you need them. With a solar powered trickle charger, the batteries are able to be maintained which will keep the batteries ready to go.

Solar Lighting

Many of the municipal lighting out there is solar powered. This technology is increasingly creeping into the residential realm. It makes sense to be self sustaining and conserve expensive grid power, but until a few years ago, solar technology was expensive and bulky. Today, the power cells and batteries are much more user friendly when utilized for lighting.