Green is on the rise, and with so many individuals looking to make a difference in the sustainability of our planet, solar energy is on the rise too.  At Mirasol Fafco Solar, we want to help you heat your water, home, and pool with the natural energy from the sun.  Our solar electric systems and solar products may seem a little pricey upfront but they will save thousands of dollars on your electric bill in the long run. Our experts will set you up with a system that allows your to harness the heat of the sun into solar energy that can then we used to heat your pool or the water within your Sarasota home.

Keep It Clean

Like we have discussed, solar energy is clean. It produces no pollution and has no effects on the environment.  Solar energy is thought to be a major resource for future energy needs. It is a renewable resource that could have great long-term advantages. Our goal at Mirasol Fafco Solar is to make heating water and enjoying the benefits easy. Our pool heating systems will also save you money in the long run. You will have a comfortable pool for years to come without breaking the bank. Solar pool heating has also been proven to increase the value of your home. It is an investment that keeps on giving back. 

If you are ready to heat your pool or your water inside your home in a sustainable and clean way, give the experts at Mirasol Fafco Solar a call! We offer a free solar energy evaluation for your Sarasota home!