Florida’s largest investor owned utility has announced that it along with other state utilities are supporting customer owned solar systems in the form of solar energy rebates. The program will consist of multiple solar rebate programs for both residential and business customers.

The information currently on FPL’s website is limited however they have provided program limits for solar electric of up to $20,000 for residential systems and $50,000 for single site business systems. In addition to a $1,000 rebate for residential solar water heating systems.

Dont Worry…

One comforting thing about the Florida Power and Light solar rebate program is that consumers must first be approved for their rebate prior to installing any components of the solar array. This process should remove any fear from the consumer that the program could run out of money while their system was being installed as in the case of the previously failed state solar rebate program. Having an approval certificate going into your installation should provide FPL customers peace of mind that they will be reimbursed quickly for their investment.

Mirasol Fafco customers can begin submitting pre-applications to us immediately to help provide a greater chance of being approved for the rebate.