Going solar has a litany of benefits. The first and foremost of those benefits is, making a difference in the world. By going solar, you are helping to preserve precious nonrenewable resources. Making a difference is a huge reason for investing a solar energy system in your Sarasota home, but there are many other personally beneficial reasons to opt for solar panel installation as well.

The Savings

Yes we have mentioned it before, but money is a big reason to invest in solar energy system. While you may spend a chunk of cash upfront, the system has been proven to pay for itself. You can even choose to participate in a pay-as-you-go solar program. Homes that have solar panels have been proven to save the owner around 60 thousand dollars over the first 20 years of owning and operating the system.


As previously mentioned, this is an investment. That means that you will at some point receive a return on your investment. The return when it comes to solar energy systems is returned in two different methods. First, you are increasing the value of your home by making it more energy efficient. You will also receive an upfront return on your the solar energy system installed in your Sarasota home through a tax incentive. Right now you can receive 30 percent of your the cost of your system in the form of a tax incentive. You can also check the Sarasota area to find out if their are any local rebates available for solar energy systems.