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Solar Electric PV

You don’t need to be an expert or understand the physics of how a solar panel electric system works to see its appeal. Investing in a solar electric system allows you to produce your own electricity with no noise, no air pollution, and no moving parts while using a clean, renewable resource. A solar electric system will never run out of fuel, and it will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by coal and natural gas-fired power plants.

What is Solar Electric PV?

Electricity generated by solar panels is referred to as Photovoltaic energy which is often shortened to ‘PV’ in which we refer to a solar system that generates electricity as a PV system.

electricity-image1How Does Solar Electric PV Work?

PV systems produces electricity directly from electrons freed by the interaction of sunlight with a solar panel made of semiconductor material. The basic building block is known as a cell, many cells put together are known as a module, and many modules assembled together form an array. A PV system will consist of an array of modules generating DC electricity, an inverter that converts the DC current to a usable AC electricity, and optionally a battery to store unused energy.

  1. The suns rays, or natural energy, heat the solar panels
  2. The solar panels, which are made up of many photovoltaic cells capture the energy when electrons that are heated are knocked loose from the atoms in the semiconductor material, creating electricity
  3. The inverter converts the natural DC current created by the solar panels into AC current that can be used in your home
  4. The new DC power is sent to your electric panel where it can be disbursed as needed
  5. Your existing household appliances utilize free energy created by the sun
  6. Any unused energy left over is sent back to the utility meter
  7. The electric company returns the extra energy to the grid to be used for others requiring power, also known as Net Metering

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