Are you tired of only being able to
swim in your pool in the Summer Time?

“Stop Being One of the Blue People!”

We can make your pool and spa
A perfect family accessory so you can

“Enjoy an Endless Summer!”

“You are also going
to Love Our Performance Warranty!”

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 Ever wished that taking care of your pool or spa required less maintenance? Mirasol FAFCO Solar believes that making pool and spa automation as simple as possible is the best solution for your pool care. By using products like salt chlorine generators, and Intellitouch® you are not only giving yourself the gift of ease, but saving money and time on your home spa and/or pool.

Imagine using your iPad, Android, iPhone, or any smart system to control and maintain your pool and home spa, chlorine levels, water temperature, and more! Access your pool’s functions virtually from anywhere, and stay on top of potential problems before they happen. Easy to track technology has given us the ability to bring you the best products that we have to offer to make your pool’s maintenance a breeze. Easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to control. Your pool’s maintenance has never been as simple as it is now.

For the most efficient and precise tools possible you can count on Mirasol FAFCO Solar to give you the products that you need. The latest and greatest technology allows for easy implementation and provides you the capability to rely on your system’s ability to give you clean, warm, outstanding water. Look for these products and more to change the way you think about your pool and home spa’s care. Relax and enjoy your amenities, let our products do all the worrying for you.

solar pool heating

●InntelliChlor®  Salt Chlorine Generator

●IntelliTouch® Systems

●EasyTouch®Control Systems

●ScreenLogic2® Interface for IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch®Automation Systems

●SolarTouch® Solar Control System

If you have questions or concerns regarding pool and spa automation systems, or solar panels to heat your pool in a sustainable and affordable way, contact us today!