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Going green is so trendy that even the government is on board. Installing solar panels is a sustainable way to get renewable energy transferred into your Sarasota home in order to heat your water sources and obtain energy.

How Do I Save?

Right now, the government is running a tax special when it comes to solar installations. Every Energy-Star approved solar powered system that is installed during the year of 2016 will allow for a 30 percent-of-the-cost tax credit. You will either be credited for this amount in your tax return, or the amount will be deducted from what you own the government for that tax period. There is no cap off limit to this credit, so feel free to go green at home, at the office,and at your vacation home.

Rentals Are An Exception

You cannot receive a tax deduction on a home that you do not occupy. While rental properties are generally a very lucrative investment, in this case you would not be able to reap the tax deduction from any of your rental properties. If you live in this home for part of the year, then you can claim the time that you are a resident there and submit that for a deduction in your taxes.

If you have thought about installing Solar Panels on your Sarasota home, there is no better time than now. Let our experts take care of the installation, and reap the benefits on your electric bills as well as your tax return! Contact Mirasol FAFCO Solar today for a free evaluation or to schedule a solar panel consultation!



Professional and friendly

Very prompt, professional and friendly. They are very helpful in answering questions and knowledgable in their work area. They installed our system 5 …Read More

Patricia S.

Very professional

We've been with Mirasol for many years, they've taken care of us in any and all situations. They return calls in a timely manner, are very professiona…Read More

Larry R

The solar hot water heater is the best purchase we’ve made!

Mirasol Solar, It has been a few month’s since your company installed our solar hot water heater and solar for our pool. We are really glad we decid…Read More

Steve & Sue Craig

“The Solar Pool heating does such a good job!”

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“Our Solar Pool heating system looks great!”

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With over 13,000 satisfied customers since 1977, Mirasol FAFCO Solar has over 40 years of experience in commercial and residential solar electric PV product installations. Mirasol FAFCO Solar is now the Regional SunPower Dealer and we are committed to delivering the highest quality solar solutions.


With more than 13,000 satisfied customers since 1977, Mirasol FAFCO Solar has over 40 years of experience in commercial and residential solar pool heating installations. Mirasol FAFCO Solar is an exclusive distributor of FAFCO solar water heating products designed to save you money.


Solar hot water heaters can also significantly reduce the amount of electricity and/or natural gas that needs to be purchased from your utility or electric service provider. Solar hot water heating systems can provide owners with fixed energy costs.


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